From the Campers

My experience at Theater in the Woods Camp has been an incredible opportunity. I am extremely grateful for the numerous theatrical skill sets that have been added to my toolbox of acting. Not only did this camp serve a theatrical purpose, but it served the purpose of community, developing bonds with others, and as a chance for myself and several other campers to be creative, imaginative, and to simply explore.

The entire environment at Theater in the Woods is like no other. I found myself learning something new every day. I was able to collaborate with others in such a way I didn’t think possible. I was able to harness my inner actress, artist, musician, student, friend, and most importantly, my role in our performance.

I have a terrible amount of stage fright, being on stage in front of a bunch of people all looking at me makes me super self conscious. Nature makes me feel more in my element, and doing it where I’m on the same level as the audience and not on a raised stage with a spotlight has helped a lot. I love being in nature and I love theatre, this camp is two of my favorite things together.

The highlight of my camp experience was the creative space that I entered during the camp. In addition to being a very accepting community, it was an environment where ideas could be let loose, which is in great contrast (in my opinion) to other theater productions.

I worked on not being as shy, I felt a lot braver. I feel like I got way older doing all the things.

I really love that we don’t do baby plays but interesting plays that are actually hard to do.

Two weeks isn’t long enough. Camp should be longer.

I definitely found my confidence while doing improv and all of the practice plays.


Theater in the Woods Camp was truly such a positive and enriching experience for me. The leaders were unbelievably supportive in every aspect, truly helping me to come out of my shell that I entered with and giving me such a positive introduction to the theater. I made some strong friendships that I am so glad that I got to form and I am now active in the performing arts whenever I get the chance, something that I don’t think would have happened without me getting the opportunity to experience Theater in the Woods.

~ J.W.

From the Alumni

Wheaton and friends as some kind of rodents in 2010.

Theater in the Woods was an integral part of my childhood summers. The magical forest scenes, the hilarious costumes, the spontaneous musical dance numbers, the tightly-knit cast, the adoring audience. Every year offered a new, extraordinary script full of lovable, outrageous characters. I performed on the Theater in the Woods stage as one of the seven dwarves, Little Red Riding Wolf, a singing bumble bee, a bumbling cowboy minstrel, and several other unforgettable roles. Each year, I watched as talented actors and directors brought fantastic scripts to life. These summer acting experiences allowed me to grow and express myself in a unique environment so different than the one I found in school and formal theater groups. Theater in the Woods provided an amazing space for me to grow, not only as an actress, but also as a storyteller, musician, song writer, public speaker, and member of a community.

~ Amelia Fontein

Glenn Tarbell and Melissa in The Big Bad Wolf Goes to Hollywood, SolarFest 2013

I was an active player in Theater-In-The-Woods from my childhood into my adulthood. Being involved with theater broke down any walls of insecurity and let my creativity flourish. Being in a healthy environment with other enthusiastic kids and talented grown ups teaching and acting alongside us, we were inspired to become a part of the story we were telling. We weren’t standing on a stage in an auditorium practicing at a row of empty seats. We were outside performing to the world, our voice unconfined to one room but echoing outward into the woods. This is a unique experience for many children, being able to be creative and act outside is like becoming the moving illustrations to your favorite children’s book. It ignites a feeling of wonder and offers an opportunity and freedom to be yourself. As an adult I reflect back on my involvement with Theater-In-The-Woods with much appreciation and am beyond grateful to know this opportunity is still available to children in the surrounding communities.

~ Rainbow Squier

From Our Beginnings

As the former Managing Director of SolarFest – the birthplace of Theater in the Woods – I cannot tell you how delighted I am that this great program is being reborn and expanded to be shared with leagues of budding new thespians! Having had a child experience the joys of being a part of Theater in the Woods as a youngster, I can fully endorse this program as a parent, but I also endorse it as a professional. Working with the crew of Theater in the Woods was always a breeze, they were self-sufficient, inventive, fun to have around and always ready at show time. I’m also a huge fan of the end result.

The joy and wonderment that each Theater in the Woods production has brought to so many at SolarFest throughout the years has been a phenomenon unto itself. Each year I watched as more and more people would gather in the woods to begin a journey through time and space, a journey that would take us through a magical forest interacting with bears, wolves, princes, frogs and fairies. There was always a clever play on words, tying old fairy tales with present day dilemmas, complete with a moral at the end of the story. I have to say that Theater in the Woods was one of the most treasured experiences of my SolarFest tenure. Your children will be fully engaged and in turn will have a chance to fully engage an audience in ways that will amaze and delight. This is a concept whose time has come and the camp leaders are masters of this genre – in fact they created it! And although this is a new program in terms of the day camp platform, the leaders have been behind the scenes perfecting the program for years at SolarFest, each has had their time as actor, director and production manager. This camp will be the most fun your kids have all summer, so much fun they might not notice all the great things they have learned, but you certainly will.

~ Patty Kenyon

What an opportunity the youth of Poultney and its surrounding towns have available to them this summer–and hopefully for many summers to come. Having attended numerous Theater in the Woods performances at SolarFest over the last sixteen years and acted in two productions myself, having witnessed and assisted my own children act in multiple TITW productions, having seen numerous children of close family friends grow up acting in TITW productions, and having experienced first hand the high, high level of talent, professionalism, care, dedication, and love for people and performance that the creators and facilitators of this new summer camp bring to their work, I will attest that this camp has all the makings of something truly special.

I teach English at Poultney High School; for many years I directed the high school’s drama program, and my experiences in both venues have confirmed the transformative power of language, public speaking, and performance, particularly under the guidance of highly qualified people. Our kids are worth this worthy opportunity.

– Scott Holliman
English Teacher & English Department Leader
Poultney High School

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