Our mission is to kindle creativity through the transformative power of theater in the magic of the woods.

Founded in 2016 by Glenn Tarbell, Wheaton Squier, and Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman, Theater in the Woods Vermont Co. became a 501c3 in 2017.

The co-directors of the organization and camps are Meg Bouchard, Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman, Rainbow Squier, Wheaton Squier.

Wheaton Squier


Wheaton Squier (President)
Tristan Larson (Vice President)
Patty Kenyon (Treasurer)
Wendy Herrick (Secretary)
Glenn Tarbell
Carol Tashie



We are many things, but above all we are a laboratory. We experiment and explore, and welcome any and every one to join us. We love learning and teaching through theater, but/and being a “theater person” is especially not required!

We recognize that everyone is part of the process of creation, and that everyone has their own creative process. The essential thing is to have a place where you can trust and be trusted. Theater in the Woods helps people find and honor their creativity in the safety of our community lab.

Our camps host 70 kids every summer to create kind community through exploring: our imaginations, our skills, our ideas, and the woods. Through our work with community theater, we offer opportunity to adults and kids alike to participate in the production of plays and to write and read and act in Ten-Minute Plays.